Mrs. Grossman

Img-heart When I was a girl there was a store in town that I loved.  It was mostly stationery and pens for adults, but the center of the store was devoted to kids.  These little displays were magical with their Sanrio trinkets, rolls of Mrs. Grossman’s stickers, and colorful pens and pencils. This was just a few years after Mrs. Grossman had created her iconic heart sticker, and many other great sticker designs followed.  Mrs. Grossman is still making her magic, but my favorite designs will always be the wonderfully simple stickers she created in the 80’s. MrsGrossmans The above photo was from an Etsy sale (Etsy is a great source of vintage Mrs. Grossman’s).  Some of these stickers are still in production, like the tiny hearts you see on the right side of the photo, and the bears on the left (although the current version of the bear has a tiny red heart on its chest).  My favorites of these are the bows, the rainbows, and the jelly beans, which are all difficult to find these days.  I would love it if Mrs. Grossman would do a vintage line. I always keep a lot of the heart stickers around.  I use these and all of my Mrs. Grossman’s stickers for sealing envelopes, but also for decorating plain white gift bags, which has become my gift wrap of choice, with sparkly tissue paper, of course.  My dream is to have a big roll of these heart stickers, and maybe a roll of the balloon stickers, mounted above my desk.


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