How a high speed blender can help you eat more fruits and vegetables

soup I once went through a health crisis where I had to severely limit the amount of sugar and simple carbs that I ate.  This included bread, rice, most dairy (it’s amazing how much sugar is in milk), and alcohol.  I had to radically change my approach to eating.  Enter the Blendtec.

I had researched high-speed blenders and found the Vitamix and the Blendtec were both good options.  I ultimately chose the Blendtec for a variety of reasons (it fits under my cabinets, and it has pre-set buttons for making smoothies, soup, and other things), and ended up buying it at Costco.  I use my Blendtec almost every day, and it makes it so much easier to eat fruits and vegetables.

In the morning I usually make a smoothie for breakfast.  It has some kind of liquid such as kefir, almond milk, or coconut milk, it usually has a banana, and then I add whatever else I feel like adding.  For a chocolatey smoothie I add almond butter, unsweetened cocoa, stevia, and a little salt.  For a fruity smoothie I add whatever frozen fruit sounds good to me that day.  I put everything in the Blendtec, press the smoothie button, wait 30 seconds, and then I usually put the smoothie into a big cup with a straw (I have the Contigo Shake and Go) so I can drink it in the car on the way to work.

Clean up is easy- sometimes I just rinse it out, sometimes I put in a cup of water with some soap and pulse the blender for 10 seconds and then rinse, and sometimes it goes in the dishwasher.  It is very, very easy to clean.

The photo above shows my favorite blendtec brocolli-cheese soup.  It is so easy to make and it’s tasty enough that my husband, who isn’t fond of vegetables, will go back for seconds.  The trick here is that the cheese is a very important part of the soup, so you should buy the best that you can find (see also: How to make food taste good with animal fats).  I have also found that I don’t like to add quite as much liquid as the recipe suggests.  You can always add more liquid or more salt at the end if you think you need it, but if you overdo it on either of these, it’s much harder to correct.  Just steam your brocolli, add all of the ingredients to the Blendtec, and press the soup button.  Out comes hot soup.

We like to pair this with some toast with cheese (happily, I am eating carbs again), or sometimes a little toasted cheese with prociutto sandwich.  This is a very tasty way of getting in a couple servings of vegetables.  We have also found that it tastes even better the next day, so this is definitely something that can be made ahead.

Other great vegetable soups are carrot, squash, and beet…I’ll save these for another day.


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