Perpetual produce calendar


This is one of the most useful things that I have bought on Etsy.  It is a lovely letterpress perpetual calendar made by krankpress, and for each month it has a list of the produce that is in season and a list of things that should be planted that month if you grow things at home.

It also includes a line for each day of the month where you can write birthdays.  I like to write the person’s name as well as the year they were born.

You can buy this calendar for different areas of the US, since different regions have different seasonal produce.  Mine is the Northwest Produce Calendar.

I would love to have a calendar like this that also included seasonal flowers, fish, and nuts.  I could also see having a similar calendar with annual family traditions.

We use the produce calendar for cooking and shopping quite a bit.  Yesterday my husband and I were planning dinner and looked over the March list of produce for something we hadn’t eaten recently.  Leeks was what we were looking for, so we will make a potato leek soup tonight.


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