Earth Clinic- the best website for natural cures

I’m a person who likes a simple solution to a simple problem.  I have very sensitive skin, and every once in awhile all #3!! breaks loose.  I would love to be able to go to the doctor, get a prescription, and have all of my problems disappear, however it usually goes something like this: go to the doctor and pay lots of $$, get a prescription for something expensive and pay lots more $$, use the prescription only to have the problem get worse, repeat.  Sigh.

Enter Earth Clinic.  People write in with their solutions to problems, and you can read them all.  The *only* problem with a site like this is that in order to prevent people from hawking snake-oil, writers are not allowed to mention specific brands.  By reading other forums (lots and lots of entries…) I have found a few products that are not sold in the US (except on Amazon), but which are otherwise miracle cures, and I wish I could write about these on there.  (Just FYI, my best miracle cures are Sudocrem for any skin problem, and Compeed cold sore patches, both of which are available on Amazon).

But I have found amazing cures on Earth Clinic– a diluted apple cider vinegar solution for eye infections (SO simple and incredibly effective), apple cider vinegar for removing brown spots and skin tags, tea tree oil for skin rashes.  If you’re looking for someone to set your broken arm, best to go to the ER.  But for simple infections and illnesses, Earth Clinic is a great reference.


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