Summer Dinner Planning, Simple and Healthy

dinner When we first moved in together, my husband and I used to stare at each other blankly trying to figure out what we would have for dinner every night.  Especially if you are planning and buying ahead, it’s tough to figure out what to make every day.  Then, we discovered a way of making it easier to figure out what to have as a main dish, by assigning a type of food to each night of the week that we eat together.  Monday is fish or seafood night,  Wednesday is chicken night, Friday is pizza night, and Sunday is quiche night.  Tuesday and Thursday are free nights and Saturday we usually go out.  Of course, these are just guidelines to make it easier to decide what to have for dinner, and sometimes we do get crazy and have beef on fish night.  But this little trick has helped us immensely in figuring out what to eat every night.

We also have a salad every night.  We just get pre-washed greens (spinach, arugula, or whatever looks good), and we mix them together with lots of veggies from the salad bar (radishes, garbanzo beans, green peas, carrots, and whatever looks good to us).  Add some olive oil, some apple cider vinegar, grind some salt and pepper over the whole thing, and toss.  Voila!  The perfect salad that you can make in no time.  We eat this pretty much every day, so we always get plenty of vegetables in our diets.


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