Summer Wardrobe Maintenance

Happy Bastille Day!

Generally this time of year is filled with mini vacations, trips to the beach, barbeques with friends, and feasting on seasonal fruit and fish. But one thing I like to do at this time of the year is to get my clothes and shoes ready for fall, which is just around the corner.

I take all of my sweaters and coats to the dry cleaner. When I get them back I put each sweater into it’s own breathable sweater bag to minimize damage from pests (I buy the bags on Ebay). I also take all of my boots into the shoe repair shop and have them cleaned, conditioned, polished, and re-heeled if they need it, and after I pick them up I put them back into their original boxes.

After having everything cleaned and repaired, I look through everything and cull the things that I didn’t wear much last season or that are past their prime. I want these things to be as useful and wearable as possible for the next person, so I try to donate things in their best possible condition.

Doing these things now means that I’m not in any rush to get them back from the cleaners, and when the weather turns cold and I’m wanting to wear my boots and sweaters, everything is clean and ready to be worn.


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