Review- The Vintage Tote Bag from Whipping Post


I got this tote bag by Whipping Post a few months ago and love it so much I wanted to write a review.  It’s hard to find a good bag these days, so when I saw a woman at the mall wearing this tote bag I did what anyone would do:  I followed her around until I could read the letters on the bag.  I’m not proud.  (Everyone asks me why I didn’t just ask her, but she was on the phone.)

Anyway…it was love at first sight.  I love the simplicity of it.  The construction and the leather are both very high quality.  I expect it to age well, not only because of the beautiful leather, but because of the simply style and the fact that it’s not a trendy brand.  It’s also very versatile– I can wear it to work and most of the places I go outside of work (I usually switch to a clutch for nicer nights out).  At $195, I think it was a bargain.

I’ve only had it a few months, but so far it’s held up very well and I’ve gotten a number of compliments on it.  I kind of wish it were lined, and since it’s open (i.e., no zip-top closure) I feel like I have to keep a careful eye on it in crowds, but these are minor points.

Another thing I love about this bag is that it’s made in the USA by a small business.  It’s a little piece of art made by artisans in the US.



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