Beauty Book Reviews

Beauty books I’ve read recently and what I thought of them:

  1. The French Beauty Solution, by Mathilde Thomas– I loved this book, and am considering buying it (I had checked it out from the library).  This book is packed with great beauty advice.  5/5 stars.
  2. Beauty at Home, by Aerin Lauder– I enjoyed this book a lot, and the photos are wonderful.  I thought there was a little too much product placement, but I did enjoy seeing photos of her homes, and how she lives.  I want a dollhouse for my little girl, and pretty silver frames for all of my best photos.  I loved her stories of her grandmother Estee and hearing about how she preserved Estee’s house and her things.  She really seems to be investing herself in preserving her heritage, something I think too few people do these days.  After reading this I became very curious about Estee and found that she had written an autobiography, which I bought and plan to read soon.  4/5 stars.
  3. Organic Body Care Recipes, by Stephanie Tourles– This one wasn’t a favorite of mine.  I felt that many of the recipes had too many ingredients, and they were too unusual.  I wished that there were more lotion recipes, and it seemed like many of the lotion recipes included lanolin, which I am allergic to.  I’ve found many great lotion recipes with simple oils and butters online, so I’ll stick with those for now.  This does seem like it would be a great book for the more advanced mixologist, possibly someone who plans to sell their products.  But for simple soaps and lotions online resources seem best for me for now.  2/5 stars.

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