The Cutest Baby Mobiles

With the baby coming soon we’ve been looking for a mobile for her crib.  The cutest ones are those on Etsy- there are some incredibly creative people out there.  The mobiles are like little works of art.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

il_570xN.464147464_syl8This one (above) by SweetDreamsBabyShop is probably what we will end up getting.  I love the simple design, and you can even choose the colors of the raindrops (I think I would go with lighter, more pastel colors).  I also like that the hanger is covered in fabric.  I think this one would be cute from any angle- since the whole point of the mobile is to give baby something to look at.


This one (above) by CutenSoft is so adorable.  I love the little Waldorf doll on the moon, the velvety material, and all of the soft shapes.

I could spend all day looking at the crib mobiles on Etsy.  One of my favorite searches is, “mobile Waldorf”, as you get to see a lot of mobiles with Waldorf-inspired characters on them– babies, animals, etc.  There really are so many great options for crib mobiles out there.





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