DIY Dollhouse

The finished doll house.

When I saw this dollhouse at IKEA I knew that it would be so much fun to personalize it. I did a lot of looking online at different doll houses people had made to figure out what I liked. I loved this one and got a lot of inspiration from it. I wanted a doll house that my little girl could play with and that would survive some abuse from little hands, so I didn’t want a lot of little pieces.

I liked a clean look with enough patterns to liven things up and make it seem homey. We (my husband) painted everything white, except for the roof which we painted pink (and the chimney, which we left green). All of the paint we used was left over from other interior paint jobs.

The living room.

I used Mod Podge and scrapbook paper to decoupage the floors and walls. I did this before assembling the dollhouse and I think it made it easier. I spent quite a bit of time finding the right scrapbook paper, but I think this is the fun part. Scrapbook paper is much better than wrapping paper for this application since it doesn’t warp from the Mod Podge.

The trick to selecting floors and wallpaper is to choose prints that are the right scale for the dollhouse. If you look at the paper I used in the living room, the floral pattern is just a little too large and doesn’t look quite right, whereas the other patterns are smaller and look right for the space.

The kitchen.

For the floors I tried to choose patterns that I thought would look like a real floor. The kitchen and bathroom look like tile floors and the living room and bedroom look like rugs.

For the walls I chose to just decoupage the back wall leaving the sides of the walls white. I felt this gave the house a cleaner look. I tried to find wall colors that would look good together and complement the furniture I had chosen, again choosing patterns that would be the right scale for the house and dolls. In some cases I had to splice together two sheets of scrapbook paper, which was easier than I thought it would be. I laid out all of the papers with the furniture to make sure they would look good together.

The bedroom.

I love how the house turned out, but if I had to do it again I would choose a different paper for the living room wall. The paper I used is wrapping paper and was hard to work with and warped. As I mentioned previously I also think the print is too big and doesn’t look quite right.

The bathroom.

This was such a fun project and I can’t wait for my daughter to play with it!


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