Cute Bookplates on Etsy


I found the most adorable bookplates on Etsy recently. I had been wanting to write in Alice’s books, who the book was from, and when it was given. So I got these bookplates with her first and middle names, and with two blank lines underneath so I can write the name of the giver and date or occasion given. I love that she (and possibly even her kids) will be able to look at these books years later and know who got it for her.

The shop is called PreppyProdigy and they have so much cute stuff. I especially love the personalized valentines and think it would be so fun to send these to relatives. They also have lots of fun greeting cards.





DIY Dollhouse

The finished doll house.

When I saw this dollhouse at IKEA I knew that it would be so much fun to personalize it. I did a lot of looking online at different doll houses people had made to figure out what I liked. I loved this one and got a lot of inspiration from it. I wanted a doll house that my little girl could play with and that would survive some abuse from little hands, so I didn’t want a lot of little pieces.

I liked a clean look with enough patterns to liven things up and make it seem homey. We (my husband) painted everything white, except for the roof which we painted pink (and the chimney, which we left green). All of the paint we used was left over from other interior paint jobs.

The living room.

I used Mod Podge and scrapbook paper to decoupage the floors and walls. I did this before assembling the dollhouse and I think it made it easier. I spent quite a bit of time finding the right scrapbook paper, but I think this is the fun part. Scrapbook paper is much better than wrapping paper for this application since it doesn’t warp from the Mod Podge.

The trick to selecting floors and wallpaper is to choose prints that are the right scale for the dollhouse. If you look at the paper I used in the living room, the floral pattern is just a little too large and doesn’t look quite right, whereas the other patterns are smaller and look right for the space.

The kitchen.

For the floors I tried to choose patterns that I thought would look like a real floor. The kitchen and bathroom look like tile floors and the living room and bedroom look like rugs.

For the walls I chose to just decoupage the back wall leaving the sides of the walls white. I felt this gave the house a cleaner look. I tried to find wall colors that would look good together and complement the furniture I had chosen, again choosing patterns that would be the right scale for the house and dolls. In some cases I had to splice together two sheets of scrapbook paper, which was easier than I thought it would be. I laid out all of the papers with the furniture to make sure they would look good together.

The bedroom.

I love how the house turned out, but if I had to do it again I would choose a different paper for the living room wall. The paper I used is wrapping paper and was hard to work with and warped. As I mentioned previously I also think the print is too big and doesn’t look quite right.

The bathroom.

This was such a fun project and I can’t wait for my daughter to play with it!

DIY diaper packs

Here is a trick our family uses to make diaper changes easier when we are away from home. We create diaper packs that include a diaper, a pee pad (these are designed for pets but are perfect for using as a surface to change baby on), and wipes in a  plastic bag. Everything is neatly contained in a poop bag (also designed for pets). When it’s time for a diaper change everything is easy to get to, and everything can be put in the poop bag and thrown away after the diaper change is done. These are so nice for quick trips out, and for those really messy diaper changes.

The Cutest Baby Mobiles

With the baby coming soon we’ve been looking for a mobile for her crib.  The cutest ones are those on Etsy- there are some incredibly creative people out there.  The mobiles are like little works of art.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

il_570xN.464147464_syl8This one (above) by SweetDreamsBabyShop is probably what we will end up getting.  I love the simple design, and you can even choose the colors of the raindrops (I think I would go with lighter, more pastel colors).  I also like that the hanger is covered in fabric.  I think this one would be cute from any angle- since the whole point of the mobile is to give baby something to look at.


This one (above) by CutenSoft is so adorable.  I love the little Waldorf doll on the moon, the velvety material, and all of the soft shapes.

I could spend all day looking at the crib mobiles on Etsy.  One of my favorite searches is, “mobile Waldorf”, as you get to see a lot of mobiles with Waldorf-inspired characters on them– babies, animals, etc.  There really are so many great options for crib mobiles out there.




Rifle Paper Co., decorating a dollhouse, and homemade soap

Love this gift wrap so much…the soft pink bow goes so well with the blues.  Photo from the Rifle website.

Right now I am loving the Rifle Paper Co.  I just bought these thank you cards for baby gifts, and am seriously in love with this Toile Gift Wrap, which I plan to buy as gift wrap and as wallpaper for the new dollhouse I just bought for my little girl (who is not born yet– we don’t have diapers, we don’t have bottles, but we do have a lovely dollhouse).  I also love their LeSportsac collection.

Speaking of the dollhouse, we just picked up this very cool dollhouse from Ikea, which I was unable to find online.  It was $30 and it’s pine, and I plan to paint it white and add “wallpaper” (i.e., Mod Podged wrapping paper) and some wood floors (cut from wood veneer strips).  There are some really great ideas online for dollhouses and I plan on making mine so that it’s appropriate for a very young child- i.e., no little pieces that can come off, and I imagine we will graduate to a fancier dollhouse when she is older.  I think it will probably be a home for the Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit family, or something similar, so I’ll choose my colors and patterns accordingly.  I can’t wait to start this project.

I also just recently bought supplies to make homemade soap, so I will be posting on this project in the next week or so.  I look forward to giving homemade soap as gifts, and as someone with very sensitive skin I look forward to having soap that I can tailor to my skin’s needs.

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My Favorite Online Natural Baby Resources

Soon I will be welcoming a new baby into my life, so I have been searching online for information.

One of the best resources I have found is Wellness Mama.  This blog is positive but realistic, and all of her recipes are easy to follow.  I especially loved her post on 15 baby products you actually need as I’ve found that there is a huge amount of baby stuff marketed to new parents, and it’s not always clear what is necessary and what isn’t.  I also loved her basic slow cooker soap recipe and can’t wait to try making soap for the first time.  She makes it sound so easy and I think bars of homemade soap would make great thank you gifts for shower presents.

I also like the blog The Elliott Homestead.  She’s got lots of homemade “goodies”, as she calls them- health and beauty items, home care, etc.  In particular, I plan to make her breastfeeding nipple cream since I am allergic to lanolin and many over the counter nipple creams have lanolin in them.