Cute Bookplates on Etsy


I found the most adorable bookplates on Etsy recently. I had been wanting to write in Alice’s books, who the book was from, and when it was given. So I got these bookplates with her first and middle names, and with two blank lines underneath so I can write the name of the giver and date or occasion given. I love that she (and possibly even her kids) will be able to look at these books years later and know who got it for her.

The shop is called PreppyProdigy and they have so much cute stuff. I especially love the personalized valentines and think it would be so fun to send these to relatives. They also have lots of fun greeting cards.





Space-saving magnetic spice rack

spiceThis magnetic spice rack is yet another great Etsy find.  I have a very small kitchen with very little space in/on my kitchen drawers/ cupboards/ counters/ walls where I could put a spice rack, and so I could never quite figure out where to put my spices.

These little jars made by Gneiss Spice just stick on the fridge, so there are none of the space constraints that you get with a typical spice rack.  You can have exactly as many jars as you need.  They are also very easy to access when you are cooking, and it’s easy to see when they need to be refilled.


Perpetual produce calendar


This is one of the most useful things that I have bought on Etsy.  It is a lovely letterpress perpetual calendar made by krankpress, and for each month it has a list of the produce that is in season and a list of things that should be planted that month if you grow things at home.

It also includes a line for each day of the month where you can write birthdays.  I like to write the person’s name as well as the year they were born.

You can buy this calendar for different areas of the US, since different regions have different seasonal produce.  Mine is the Northwest Produce Calendar.

I would love to have a calendar like this that also included seasonal flowers, fish, and nuts.  I could also see having a similar calendar with annual family traditions.

We use the produce calendar for cooking and shopping quite a bit.  Yesterday my husband and I were planning dinner and looked over the March list of produce for something we hadn’t eaten recently.  Leeks was what we were looking for, so we will make a potato leek soup tonight.

Mrs. Grossman

Img-heart When I was a girl there was a store in town that I loved.  It was mostly stationery and pens for adults, but the center of the store was devoted to kids.  These little displays were magical with their Sanrio trinkets, rolls of Mrs. Grossman’s stickers, and colorful pens and pencils. This was just a few years after Mrs. Grossman had created her iconic heart sticker, and many other great sticker designs followed.  Mrs. Grossman is still making her magic, but my favorite designs will always be the wonderfully simple stickers she created in the 80’s. MrsGrossmans The above photo was from an Etsy sale (Etsy is a great source of vintage Mrs. Grossman’s).  Some of these stickers are still in production, like the tiny hearts you see on the right side of the photo, and the bears on the left (although the current version of the bear has a tiny red heart on its chest).  My favorites of these are the bows, the rainbows, and the jelly beans, which are all difficult to find these days.  I would love it if Mrs. Grossman would do a vintage line. I always keep a lot of the heart stickers around.  I use these and all of my Mrs. Grossman’s stickers for sealing envelopes, but also for decorating plain white gift bags, which has become my gift wrap of choice, with sparkly tissue paper, of course.  My dream is to have a big roll of these heart stickers, and maybe a roll of the balloon stickers, mounted above my desk.

Etsy buys- stamps and napkins

Return address stamp from simpleANDpretty on Etsy

Oh Etsy, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.  High quality, creative, interesting things are everywhere on Etsy.  I’m a big fan of anything I can get personalized, and many of the artists on Etsy are happy to do custom orders.

I recently bought this return address stamp from the Etsy store simpleANDpretty.  There were so many to choose from on Etsy.  I can definitely see getting a couple more of these.  I really liked this one from 2impress and this one from StaceyMeacham.

I also had some custom napkins made by KSTYLEDESIGN.  I had some vintage white cotton fabric that had been my husband’s mother’s, and I wanted us to be able to use it, so I had it made into napkins.  KSTYLEDESIGN wasn’t the least expensive option I found on Etsy, but the finish that she used was my favorite.  We spent about $100 including the shipping both ways for twelve napkins.  It was well worth it- they are lovely and we will have them for a long time.