Great Moments in Tupperware

Oh how I adore vintage Tupperware.  I realized recently when looking through an Ebay search on “Vintage Tupperware” just how much of this stuff we had in our kitchen when I was a kid, so I thought I’d do a couple posts on my favorite pieces of Tupperware.  I’ll start with the things I still have and use today.

The Tupperware Shelf Saver, #1243.  Most of these that you find on Ebay are yellow like the ones above, but there are a few in other colors.

First up is the Shelf Saver, item #1243.  These containers seem to fit perfectly in kitchen cabinets, are stackable, and the rectangular shape means they waste less space than round containers.  I use these for salt, baking soda, cocoa, brown sugar, and powdered sugar, and I have yet to find anything for these items that works as well as the Shelf Saver.  I had a few leftover from the old homestead where I grew up, and recently bought a couple more off of Ebay.

The Tupperware Serving Center, #1665.  Great for potlucks.

Next up is the Serving Center, item #1665.  I come from a big family, and most of our holidays are done potluck style.  There is always a vegetable tray and the Serving Center is perfect for cut up vegetables, with a container for dip in the center.  You could also use this for cut up cheese, chips, etc.

Next up:  Tupperware for children!  I loved my Tupperware when I was a kid.


Links- Pyrex, Stendig Calendar, Merchant & Mills, Raw Materials Designs

I like…

…this new blog I found, The American-Made Guide to Life, in particular these blogs about  Pyrex and the Stendig Calendar.

…the idea of having a world map and putting one of these little red pins on each new place I visit.  So much cool stuff here at Merchant & Mills.

…the aprons, place mats, and napkins by Raw Materials Design– made in Seattle.

A sweet thank you

My coworkers threw the most amazing shower for my new husband and I, and we wanted to properly thank them.  I knew that many of them went to great effort for this shower so I didn’t want to just go out and buy something.  Enter cookie day.

photo 1  photo 3

We made two kinds of cookies: Chocolate Chip and S’mores Cookies.  The Chocolate Chip cookies have two secret ingredients, grated chocolate and blended dry oats, which together give the cookie a nice chewy texture.  The S’mores Cookies were tasty but gooey, so I think I would go with a different cookie for gifts next time.

After baking we put one of each cookie into small clear cellophane bags and sealed with a little piece of tape.  These little cellophane bags are not plastic, they are compostable, food-safe cellophane.  I love them even for non-food gift giving.  We used the 4.75 x 6.75 inch bags here, but generally I’ve found the 5 x 2.5 x 11 inch bags to be the ones I use most.  I took the cookies to work in my Longaberger pie basket.

photo 9 photo 7

We got small plain ivory cards and a “Thank You” stamp and stamped each of the cards, wrote a short note of thanks in each one, and sealed with the same tape as we used for the cookies.

photo 4 photo 5

And voila!  Here’s what our little cookie thank-you’s looked like when we were done:

photo 11 photo 10

Mrs. Grossman

Img-heart When I was a girl there was a store in town that I loved.  It was mostly stationery and pens for adults, but the center of the store was devoted to kids.  These little displays were magical with their Sanrio trinkets, rolls of Mrs. Grossman’s stickers, and colorful pens and pencils. This was just a few years after Mrs. Grossman had created her iconic heart sticker, and many other great sticker designs followed.  Mrs. Grossman is still making her magic, but my favorite designs will always be the wonderfully simple stickers she created in the 80’s. MrsGrossmans The above photo was from an Etsy sale (Etsy is a great source of vintage Mrs. Grossman’s).  Some of these stickers are still in production, like the tiny hearts you see on the right side of the photo, and the bears on the left (although the current version of the bear has a tiny red heart on its chest).  My favorites of these are the bows, the rainbows, and the jelly beans, which are all difficult to find these days.  I would love it if Mrs. Grossman would do a vintage line. I always keep a lot of the heart stickers around.  I use these and all of my Mrs. Grossman’s stickers for sealing envelopes, but also for decorating plain white gift bags, which has become my gift wrap of choice, with sparkly tissue paper, of course.  My dream is to have a big roll of these heart stickers, and maybe a roll of the balloon stickers, mounted above my desk.